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Survivalist a first person open world survival game, set in a post apocalyptic world after a long lasting conflict between two continents, the world has been left in a state of decay, you and many others sought refuge inside some of the many vaults, only now years after the bombings you decide to explore the surroundings.

take quests from survivors or just kill everyone and steal their supplies its up to you, however become hated in the game and you will make enemies.

Play as the survivors in the vault and venture out in to the wasteland and surrounding area one at a time. scavenge the area and return supplies to the vault. Each character has their own strengths and weakness, some are capable of carrying more than others some are better at crafting useful supplies while others are good at hunting and farming. Be Warned if your character dies you may choose to continue as someone else however you do not want to loose those key to your survival.

The game goes on as long as their is one person still alive, but who knows maybe you can still roam the wasteland after death with immortal abilities.


Minimum System Specifications - Windows XP Or Higher

Intel Core i3 Processor / 1gb Graphics Memory

2gb Hard Drive Space / 2gb Random Access Memory

Recommended Specifications - Windows 8 Or Higher

Intel Core i7 Processor / 2gb Graphics Memory

2gb Hard Drive Space / 8gb Random Access Memory



Survivalist_(Windows).zip 380 MB